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Ecuador Copper-Gold Mine: Executive Search

In 2021, we worked with Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) to place two mining executives in leadership roles in South America. This helped the Canadian-based company progress its Loma Larga gold project, located in the Azuay province of Ecuador, and establish a strong local presence.

Breaking new ground in Ecuador

The mining industry in Ecuador is growing. Over the next 18 months, four major mining projects are set for commissioning. That includes the underground copper-gold project Loma Larga.

DPM purchased Loma Larga mine in 2021 and began working through the feasibility and regulatory process.

The human resources team approached us in the early stages of the project to help them source an important role for the business, a Country Manager. After a successful recruitment process, they came back to ask us to recruit a Sustainability Director and other key leaders for the project.

Early on, it was critical that candidates had the right mix of hard and soft skills to ensure good consultation and collaboration with the local community.

The small size of the mining industry in Ecuador meant finding a local candidate with the right experience and leadership skills for the roles could be difficult.

Delivering executive leadership

When DPM called us to see if we could help recruit for the Ecuadorian leadership roles, we were only too happy to help.

We had already worked with their team to recruit technical and operational roles in Africa and Eastern Europe. And they liked that we have an international database that allows our consultants to access talent no matter where they’re located in the world.

“For technical and operational roles, clients are looking for that extensive experience and understanding in their field,” according to Maíra Rosso, Globe 24-7’s Regional Manager – South America.

“But for executive leadership roles, you also need to consider the ‘soft skills’. That includes how they communicate, work with others, and adapt to change.

“For these roles, it’s best to work with an experienced consultant who understands this. That way, you’re selecting from the best pool of candidates who fit with your company’s values and local operations.”

A thorough talent search

We used our extensive global network to map the market, then shortlisted candidates for the roles. We only presented candidates who were highly relevant to the role and had the best culture fit.

“What we provide is market intelligence. We map candidates on their experience, leadership, and suitability, so our clients have a full picture of their skills and values,” explains Maíra.

Having the right leaders in a place can make or break a project. We worked with DPM to fully understand the role.

Our local teams understood the regional challenges and customs. And the client liked that they could pick up the phone and talk to one of our local delivery managers in local time, in their local language.

Talent search success

DPM seamlessly hired two expatriate mining professionals—from Canada and Colombia—in the leadership roles.

They successfully led the local operations team through the pre-feasibility stage of the project. As permitting progresses, they are working proactively with stakeholders to move into operations.


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