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Life at Globe

We’re big on culture

We’ve built a culture where bright, talented individuals are empowered and trusted to do their best work with very little in their way. Our workplace is an authentic space where we have loads of fun, but we also get the job done and foster greatness.

Alastair Fisher, CEO

Our culture at Globe is something that is demonstrated across the board and nurtured by every member of our team. We value (and reward) creativity, innovation and dedication. And we inspire and support you to grow according to your unique goals.


Hybrid and remote work options

While we strive to ensure that our offices are fun, inspiring, and collaborative, our culture is not bound to four walls!  We are a global team working in hybrid environments or even completely remotely, and we’re passionate about ensuring our culture exceeds the limitations of a physical office.

Any space you regularly use for work can become Globe at home. We help you create a space where you feel inspired, productive and feel just as connected to your team.

There are always opportunities for collaboration and social activities within your direct team, regional team, and your global team. Between your regional administrator and our social committee, you’ll get to participate in social activities whether virtual or in person.


We’re committed to diversity and belonging

We recognise the contribution of every individual and understand the impact of being able to bring your full, authentic self to work. Over the last 20 years, we have worked hard to ensure everyone feels their contribution is valued and feels part of a supportive team.

We love that we can speak to people from every corner of the globe, every day. We learn from one another; we celebrate each other’s differences and unique perspectives and then we bring it all together to facilitate greatness in everything we do.

As of 2023, we are proudly powered by employees from 13 different nationalities, speaking 17 collective languages. Operating from 21 cities and provinces, we’re led by a passionate leadership team comprised of five nationalities and 66% women.

Highlighting our commitment to raising workplace standards for women
we are Work180 Endorsed.

Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion is our life-long commitment, and we will continue to challenges ourselves to broaden, deepen and elevate our commitment across all areas of the business.

Our regions


People first

Everything we do is human-centered – from our candidates to our team members, we want to provide you with an environment that you can thrive in. While we work towards a global culture of collaboration, growing and belonging, we know that this looks different to everyone.

When and where we work

We understand that some of us are night owls while others rise with the sun. So, we want you to work when you work best. We have core communication hours to ensure we are all available to collaborate in the same window, however your time outside of those hours can be worked to suit you.

‘Where’ for us has always been exciting, with employees all around the Globe. We believe there’s strength in numbers (number of minds, that is!) and so we really do love providing opportunities for people to gather in one place when possible – whether that is online or in person. Our offices are social spaces for our teams to spend time together, brainstorm and inspire one another, and your remote working space is whatever you want it to be!

We offer Working from Home options for our employees with access to an office, and co-working space for our remote employees wherever possible. Wherever you are, we want to create an environment that will nurture you to do your best work.

Parents and guardians

We believe in family first and we’re committed to facilitating a family friendly culture and working environment. Life’s most important role is the one you play within your family, and we will work with you to provide the support you need to focus on your family.

Every family is built differently, and our approach to your parental leave and return to work complements our differences. Primary caregivers receive 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and secondary caregivers receive 6 weeks of paid parental leave. We build your transition plan into parental leave and return to work around your family and will work with you to ensure you feel supported, confident and engaged throughout.

We will also evolve with you and will facilitate a flexible environment which supports your family and ensures that you are present at home while managing your work commitments, too.

Returning to work after parental leave is challenging for all parents, but Globe was so supportive through my parental leave and return to work with both my children. The fact that I could return gradually – starting a few hours a day, from part-time to a flexible full-time arrangement was tremendously helpful and supportive. I had enough time to take care of a new family member while I felt again like myself – being back to work thrills, friendly chats, and completing amazing projects. I have been able to continue developing my career and have recently been promoted into management. I love that I had sufficient time to prepare myself for this new challenge, with all peace of mind and two happy kids at home.

Agata Sobolewska, Lead Search Consultant North America

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