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Careers at Globe

Globe is a global company with opportunities for both international collaboration and local specialisation. As recruiters and talent consultants, we wholeheartedly understand the importance of culture and as a result keep culture at the heart of our business. We are constantly growing and welcome new members for the fresh perspectives, unique experiences and talent they bring into our organisation.

Recruiting for culture fit

Recruitment is the MOST exciting and important process (we should know!) and is an opportunity to connect talented people with a role and organisation that allows them to thrive, and for the business to thrive in return.

When we recruit, we assess role fit and culture fit. Each role fits into a team, and so getting the right dynamic is crucial. Our managers place more importance on potential than experience and look for individuals that are aligned with our values. Every shortlisted candidate meets their potential team and Globe’s Culture-Compass and PACMan (People and Culture Manager) to explore whether we can help each other achieve our full potential.

What does the recruitment process look like? Do you fit the team dynamic and do your values align with ours? We value cultural fit more than we do your CV.

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