Strategic Sourcing Partner

Want to combine our expertise with your existing, internal teams? We’ll partner with your HR team and hiring managers, and work within and for your brand to help with recruitment challenges.

Our mining recruitment specialists coach your teams to become more efficient. We use your existing capabilities and systems, so you can learn to hire better.

Taking a collaborative and organised approach to strategic sourcing better aligns your recruitment strategies with market activities and yields long-term cost savings.


How we do it

We establish and strengthen your people strategy, setting you up for success

We will develop and implement a robust, streamlined, end-to-end human resource and onboarding solution for your future staff, giving them a positive first experience, which they will carry with them throughout their career with your company.


We leverage our global network of mining contacts and market knowledge

Through our global network and market SME’s, you will have access to real-time market intelligence and competitors’ salaries. We can also provide insight and guidance in reaching passive talent, giving your team an increased range in finding skilled employees that they won’t usually have access to. Access to the talent that is not limited to your region’s data pool or active job seekers.


We improve the hiring manager’s capability to direct sourcing

Research shows that employees are 50% more likely to perform and stay on past 6 months after onboarding if their hiring manager was involved in their recruitment. We work together with your hiring managers to develop rich processes. We know where to find people, where the fine tuned network is, and what approaches are best for their candidates.


We adopt employer branding and recruitment marketing best practices

We will help you build a proactive recruitment approach with the following:

  • Conduct an audit on how your company is currently perceived in the market;
  • Workshop ways to represent your company in the best light;
  • Highlight the best places to communicate your job vacancy;
  • Demonstrate and guide your team through what ‘good’ looks like in terms of job descriptions and advertising; and
  • Ensure you give the right marketing message, and make sure your language is aligned with your values.

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