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FIFO Mental Health Support

Looking after your FIFO employees’ mental health

As an employer, you are in the best position to show that you care for your employees’ wellbeing and health, both at work and at home. The mining sector provides fulfilling careers that can also be challenging and demanding. Employees need to feel like they are not alone in their journey and that they are supported by their employers, to not only stay motivated to do great work, but to also remain sharp, engaged and valued. Enter GlobeCare.


FIFO Mental Heath Support Program

Recognising the challenges by FIFO mining workers, Globe 24-7 and Metisphere have partnered together to create GlobeCare; a support program that strives to make a difference to individuals and their families, who find themselves in the challenging circumstances of working away from home for significant periods.

The GlobeCare program acknowledges that employees need more than just professional support; they require a holistic approach that addresses their well-being both at work and in their personal lives. By fostering a sense of connection and support, employers contribute not only to the motivation and performance of their workforce but also to the overall health and engagement of their employees.

What is GlobeCare?

The GlobeCare program is a blend of 1-on-1 sessions, training workshops, planning tools and coaching activities. We work with individuals and their partners to help support and equip them with the tools to help keep their family unit strong and together during the hardships that come with FIFO / expat work.

The nature of work of both Globe 24-7 and Metisphere puts GlobeCare in a unique and influential position to help support the mining industry, and companies within it, to really make a difference to the lives, and wellbeing, of their FIFO and expatriate employees globally.

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GlobeCare program features

When your employee is introduced to GlobeCare, the team will coordinate and work with your employee and their partner through the following tailored sessions:

Preliminary face-to-face, half-day training session for the employee and their partner, outlining FIFO challenges and providing formal guidance and support to address individual conflict, communication, financing, family routine/dynamics and stress management.
A follow-up one-on-one coaching session with the employee and their partner to custom develop an action plan suited to the couple.
10x virtual coaching sessions with employee and partner (alternate) to provide continued care, support and establish an effective and successful FIFO lifestyle.

Why it is important

In 2018, 10.8% of Australian FIFO workers were suffering from high/very high psychological distress.

The most frequently reported stressors were:

  • Missing special events | 86%
  • Relationship problems with partners | 68%
  • Financial Stress | 62%
  • Shirt Rosters | 62%
  • Social Isolation | 60%

Over time, issues and concerns are created at home through FIFO rosters. This leads to distracting guilt and the pressure internally starts to build, affecting their ability to work effectively and safely.

We are all human, each with our own challenges and struggles. To be able to give someone the opportunity to make their life a easier and enhance their state of mind and resilience is the best outcome of all. It’s time to give the mental health and wellness of your employees the attention it deserves!


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