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About Us

We’ve made mining talent consulting and recruitment our life’s work.

We are Globe 24-7.

Leading the development of the mining industry through its people.

The mining industry is one of the most exciting, as well as dynamic sectors to work in but one thing doesn’t change – organisations want their people to be engaged, inspired, well remunerated, and well-positioned to continue their life’s work.

Mining companies around the world are not isolated from wider recruitment challenges: the industry sees an ever-increasing demand on companies to retain and re-train talent as new or disruptive industries emerge, this is compounded by the constant shifting of priorities, attempts to balance work life and having to culturally adapt to help personnel build their career.

Here at Globe 24-7 (Globe), we’ve made mining talent consulting and recruitment our life’s work. Globe has been a landmark in the mining recruitment space for nearly two decades, where we have been supporting mining operations in over 50 countries, we’ve helped a broad spectrum of emerging, mid-tier and large-scale operations and associated companies’ source incredible talent, and our expertise can add value to every facet of your recruitment, succession planning, FIFO mental health and onboarding needs.

In the beginning we started off as a HR Consulting firm in Perth, Western Australia, and we’ve risen to be recognised as one of the world’s premium talent consulting and recruitment companies. We know our specialisations and our deep and relevant experience helps mining companies find the best people for their companies., We take great pride in our work and  we’d be honoured to help your organisation.

Globe 24-7 provides custom and contemporary talent and recruitment solutions for mining companies at every stage of their lifecycle, from exploration through project development and into operations. Our expertise extends from highly targeted executive talent search to onboarding support and everything in-between. We understand the costs of a bad hire, and won’t let it happen to you. Drawing on our years of experience, our internal capability, and our deep industry knowledge, we are proud to support mining companies regardless of their location.

In football (Soccer) would you rather a forward/striker that spends half their time as a goalie, or one that is dedicated and focused on their craft, Globe is a 100% mining-focused recruitment and talent consultancy, we live and breath the mining sector and this shines through on our results. No half-commitment here. We are forward thinkers, and our operations place people at the source to propagate innovation & invention out, a principle that adds tangible value especially in an industry as vibrant, and important as mining.

  • Our purpose is to lead the development of the mining industry through its people.
  • Creating a healthy business providing stability and security for all of our employees
  • Inspiring our employees in a fun and engaging environment
  • Change, innovate, and lead our sector
  • One team, One Globe

We’ve been connecting top talent, teams and organisations and building a vast network in the mining space since 2003. . We partner with mining organisations whose mission is to build great teams to truly extract value from the organisations assets. Globe helps with contemporary, creative and custom-fit talent and recruitment solutions And our human capital services have been developed to be imported into any project, anywhere in the world, in a manner which suits your needs on the ground.

Our Vision

To enrich lives globally by connecting people to opportunities in mining and energy


Our Values


We are committed to facilitating client and candidate success through the recruitment process


We actively engage, involve and support others to have a positive human impact and achieve collective success.


We continually strive for understanding, growth and improvement.

Our Mission

To facilitate employment to enable successful performance of the global mining and energy sector.

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