Managed Services

Our managed service RPO offering is a highly customisable and personal approach where we take full responsibility for all or part recruitment function at a site level or organisation level.

We’ve got the specialist knowledge and people and the processes to manage your recruitment externally with access to a large established network of talent. Our RPO service incorporates the best of our recruitment package, providing you with a professional, fully managed and tailored recruitment solution.


We look and feel like your company.

Our team are proud to present and protect your brand throughout the partnership project. When performing search, placement and functions, we utilise your branding and adopt your voice to ensure we look and feel like your organisation. We keep the relationship active with your hiring managers and passive talent. This attribute of our offering ensures that the candidate and market sees a consistent messaging and voice throughout your organisations recruitment experience.


Our RPOs can also be tailored to specific types of recruitment

We can manage your local/national recruitment

  • We have the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver a hiring process to meet first nations realities.
  • Our team goes into the local community and can conduct capability assessments in the villages and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds whilst building a local database/talent pool.
  • We can look after just the recruitment side or the entire recruitment function with the option to add on onboard, job description and contract generation.

Outsource your expatriate recruitment to us

Expatriate recruitment processes come with various levels of complexity.

  • We ensure compliance and make sure the recruitment is aligned closely with government restrictions. We are trusted by a number of mining companies globally to deliver this complex recruitment process successfully.
  • Our experience staff can mentor your team in the details of expatriate recruitment which will grow the capability of your existing team giving them increased international awareness and skills in handling such complexities.
  • Our global presence ensures our staff are aware of regional requirements when looking at visas.

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