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Salary Benchmarking

HR teams shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with remuneration and benefits.  Our experienced Rem & Ben consultants remove the hassle from your HR compliance, so you can focus on running your operations better—whether it be workforce planning and budgeting, or supporting the business in other strategic goals.

We’re proud to offer an experienced HR consulting team, in partnership with Align Advisors, to deliver bespoke salary benchmarking programs.

Our internal HR consultants have deep technical mining expertise and have worked client-side to set up Rem & Ben packages for a range of miners across commodity types.

We’re experts at analysing bespoke remuneration information and organising the results in a simple, easy-to-understand report.

You can commission us to run benchmarking, in which case you will have access to the full suite of results. Or you can purchase the report, which is a scaled-down version.

Meet our salary benchmarking consultants

Our consulting team has a deep understanding and expertise in Remuneration and Benefits Benchmarking. Read their bios below:

John Booth

CEO, Align Advisors
Adelaide, Australia

John has over 20 years specialist remuneration experience. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2008, he worked in various corporate roles, including the APAC HR Services and Remuneration Manager for Newmont and with other leading mining and resources companies in Australia. John has developed a deep understanding and expertise in Remuneration and Benefits Benchmarking, Remuneration Framework Design and Implementation. Align Advisors has been providing consulting services, led by John Booth, since 2003 in the Human Resources space, specialising in Remuneration.

Alastair Fisher

Chief Executive Officer
Perth, Australia

Alastair brings over 20 years of experience within the African, European, and Asia Pacific markets, having worked globally in Consulting, Executive HR, and Senior Commercial roles across a range of industrial sectors, including mining and oil & gas. Alastair has held executive roles across both Fortune 100 and start-up organizations and is regarded as a novel thought leader in HR and talent acquisition practices, often presenting and lecturing at a variety of conferences and universities around the world. Alastair was also responsible for the development of the largest RPO (client-side) build in British talent acquisition history working with renowned global recruitment businesses.

Our 5-step process

Most mining benchmarking reports are cookie-cutter and don’t give you what you need. Our independent reports are mining-specific and evidence-based, so you can understand exactly where you stand in the market.

Our salary benchmarking clients

Over the past 15 years, we’ve managed bespoke compensation projects for more than 70 companies. We’ve covered process design and implementation, manpower planning, organisational design and benchmarking for mining companies with geographical coverage in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and South America.

When you work with us, we’re able to draw on a wealth of data for quantitative based assessment so you can compare and compete with the best.

Salary benchmarking clients


How long does it take?

The process takes about 3-4 months. This includes an in-country mapping exercise, participation management, bespoke benchmarking online survey, salary benchmarking report – Nationals and/or Expats, and a debrief session.

Our approach and analysis

Globe 24-7 and Align Advisors source the primary data by conducting a survey among other mining companies and competitors within the country or across companies with similar size and commodity profiles.

  • Market map the country with S&P data to develop the target list of companies to approach for participation.
  • Develop benchmarking questionnaire template, including additional data sets requested by the client. E.G. escalating salary inflation, diversity statistics and targets, travel class on flights, schooling.
  • Administer survey with targeted mining contributors and participants within the targeted country.
  • Benchmark Base Salary & additional data (by level, company rank against competitors).
  • Benchmark other Cash data (e.g. annual bonus, monthly paid allowances), benchmark Employment Conditions (e.g. tenure, roster patterns, commute, leave, site amenities, medical facilities).
  • Benefits (e.g. provident, rent, insurances, schooling and other significant benefits).
  • Conduct ‘As Is’ analysis of company’s staff compared to benchmarks by level (including a comparison to the General Market report).
  • Provide detailed salary benchmarks for select ‘Core Positions’.


Salary benchmarking programme (3-4 months) | US$29,500

Includes: In-country mapping exercise, participation management, bespoke benchmarking online survey, salary benchmarking report – Nationals and/or Expats, and debrief session.

Salary benchmarking report only | US$4,500

Salary benchmarking report for a non-participating client.

What our surveys cover

Job category:

Job level assignment (1-14), category groupings, and example positions.

Remuneration structure:

  • Base salary (P25 : P50 : P75) + allowances + bonuses + cash benefits
  • Short term incentives programs (STIP), by weighting, or as a percentage of base salary
  • Monthly allowances, benefit + description + coverage + impact + benchmark
  • Annual benefits, and STIP’s + level breakdown
  • Redundancy payments

Salary reviews and contract arrangements:

  • Salary review cycle, and average increases
  • Contract of employment approach
  • Currency of pay
  • Remuneration reviews and union negotiations
  • Approach to hiring out of country nationals

Commute, rosters and leave benchmarks:

  • Transport provided and travel time
  • Rosters and hours of work
  • Leave entitlements

Accommodation, amenities and facilities:

  • Onsite accommodation for Nationals
  • Site amenities
  • Site motor vehicle use
  • Medical facilities

Pension, diversity and well-being:

  • Voluntary scheme to supplement employment retirement
  • Diversity
  • Employee assistance / counselling services
  • Employee well being and other services

Why do salary benchmarking?

Here are seven good reasons why you should consider salary benchmarking for your business:

  1. Enables your company to be externally competitive and helps you understand what the market or your competitors are offering.
  2. Promotes internal fairness and transparency of remuneration practices and is used to develop or evolve salary ranges, benefits or employment conditions.
  3. Informs negotiations with employees and trade unions.
  4. Assists decision-making with hiring talent decisions and informs the annual review process.
  5. Informs budgeting, forecasting, planning, and governance.
  6. Provides independent and evidence-based input for your Feasibility Study.
  7. Costings and workforce planning.

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