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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an impactful service we offer that sees us partner with you to manage all or parts of your recruitment function. No matter the size of the business, everyone needs recruitment. However, recruitment can be costly if the time, resources and people dedicated are not adequate. With the cost of a new hire that is a poor fit at 30% of their first year’s TR, it’s vital that this tricky process is gotten right from the beginning.

In light of ‘the great resignation’ or ‘the great rethinking’ we are seeing a candidate-driven market in many locations around the world, so it can be hard for companies to proactively find people where companies often have to rely on posting job advertisements and small/incomplete databases of previously visited candidates.

Without the resources and skills to manage an effective recruitment process in-house, organisations can encounter costly problems such as

  • speed-to-hire
  • Internal teams getting bogged down in the processes
  • Risk of an unfitting hire

All of these issues lead to growing operational costs and potential loss of revenue. Even if recruitment agencies are engaged to elevate the workload, this still comes with the overhead costs of managing multiple agencies as well as low control over your company’s branding and message to the market.

If you are faced with similar pain points, it would be valuable to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing as one of your next steps.

Our RPO services help mining organisations who want effective, targeted recruitment solutions and seamless hiring by handling the process for you, bringing access to top tier talent across the globe, and retaining employees resulting in cost savings, reducing time to hire and bringing in industry knowledge, a point of differentiation that may not be offered by In-house HR or traditionally expensive bulk recruitment companies that have limited mining experience and success.

As your RPO partner, you will be able to:

  • Wheel in our specialist skillsets;
  • Outsource all the risk and pain in recruitment management;
  • Gaining access to passive talent;
  • Improving your time to fill, which benefits lead to better profitability instead of vacant roles;
  • Gain the benefit of strong internal reporting and analysis to identify existing problems areas;
  • Naturally improve your process for hiring better people and;
  • Report to the directors/the board on successors and challenges.


Our RPO Services

The recruitment process is multifaceted, therefore RPOs can look at the entire recruitment function or specific functions within your business.

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