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Talent Consulting

Our expert consultants have the experience and capability to support your organisation with onboarding and full HR support. We can conduct:

  1. Psychometric assessment and competency mapping (including cognitive, personality, integrity & risk as well as emotional intelligence)
  2. Key hire planning and organisational design,
  3. Internal movement strategy and succession planning,
  4. FIFO mental health support


Assessment and Psychometric Testing Packages

Psychometric testing for hiring purposes has Innumerable benefits including:

  • Maximising efficiencies for candidate targeting based on one, or a combination, of psychometric criteria
  • Identifying high-potential (HiPo) individuals that may fall out of traditional dated ‘search’ criteria
  • Ensuring EQ requirements are met and maximising the probability of a strong cultural fit.

The assessments packages we offer are suitable for all levels of recruitment, from B-Lower to D-Upper.


Key Hire Planning and organisational design

We work with new and growing mining organisations to develop and deliver a Key Hire Plan; A strategic recruitment blueprint complete with market insights anda detailed roadmap with an action plan to address your specific business’s needs. Realise value for your organisation with our key hire planning and organisational design through:

  • Prioritisation of roles and identification of role hire order to achieve the business goals and targets with low latency and maximum efficiency
  • Market insights: Analysis of key hire demographics and diversity and inclusion market intelligence.
  • Key hire delivery plan: Timeline and key hire methodology.


Onboarding and HR Support (Project start-up HR package)

We can develop and implement an end-to-end, robust and streamlined  human resource and onboarding solution for your future staff, giving them a memorably positive first experience, which they will carry with them throughout their career with your organisation. Some onboarding and HR support tasks we can deliver for you include:

  • Generation of Job Descriptions and Contracts
  • Staff inductions and on-site orientations
  • Our onboarding support package can be a stand-alone service or paired with our recruitment solutions to realise maximum benefits.


Internal Movement & Succession Planning

The best person for a given role may already be part of your organisation. We can coach you or conduct the identification of your internal talent with our career workshops and encourage career progression, whilst strategically identifying succession for critical roles, or areas of growth


FIFO Mental Health Support – GlobeCare

At Globe, we care about our team, partners and clients. After all, “safety first” is one of our core values. So we have developed an offering specifically providing support for FIFO employees mental health; GlobeCare. You can read about the GlobeCare offering on its dedicated services page.

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