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Talent Consulting

Our experienced talent consultants have the capability to support your organisation with onboarding and full strategic talent consulting support.

We understand the unique challenges that mining HR teams face, and our suite of talent consulting services is designed to provide practical talent solutions. From customised Salary Benchmarking to ensure competitive compensation packages in the industry, to conducting Gender Audits that help create an inclusive workplace culture, our offerings are tailored to address your specific needs.

We also provide Psychometric Assessments and Competency Mapping to identify and nurture talent within your organisation, and offer dedicated support for the mental well-being of your FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) workforce.

Explore how our services can assist you in navigating the complex world of talent management while addressing the concerns that matter most to your mining HR teams.

Our talent consulting services:

  1. Salary benchmarking
  2. Gender audit
  3. Psychometric assessment and competency mapping
  4. FIFO mental health support


Salary Benchmarking

You shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with remuneration and benefits.  Our experienced Rem & Ben consultants remove the hassle from your HR compliance, so you can focus on running your operations better—whether it be workforce planning and budgeting, or supporting the business in other strategic goals.

We’re proud to offer an experienced HR talent consulting team, in partnership with Align Advisors, to deliver bespoke salary benchmarking programs.

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Assessment and Psychometric Testing Packages

Psychometric testing for hiring purposes has many benefits including:

  • Making the candidate hiring process more efficient and more reliable
  • Helps identify high-potential (HiPo) individuals that may fall out of traditional ‘search’ criteria
  • Ensures EQ requirements are met and increases the likelihood of a strong cultural fit.

The assessments packages we offer are suitable for all levels of recruitment, from B-Lower to D-Upper.


FIFO Mental Health Support

At Globe, we care about our team, partners and clients. After all, “safety first” is one of our core values. So we have developed an offering specifically providing support for FIFO employees mental health, GlobeCare. You can read about GlobeCare by clicking on the link below.

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