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Mining recruitment for North America

The mining industry in North America is in the grip of extreme staffing challenges. Across Canada and the United States competition is fierce for technical and operational people. And there is an ever-increasing demand on companies to attract and retain talent with the right skills in a competitive market.

We work with companies across all the major mining jurisdictions in the US and Canada–from juniors right up to the big miners–to take the headache out of recruitment for HR teams.

We draw on our international networks to attract staff with highly niche and specialised skillsets outside of your immediate catchment.

We’ve got local teams on the ground across the US, Canada and Latin America. Regardless of your location, you benefit from our geographical diversity, giving you instant access to passive connections and knowledge of the local market across different countries in the Americas.

We can support your multiple sites through one relationship. Whether you’re in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia or anywhere else in North America, we have someone who understands the local market to walk you through your recruitment journey.

100% mining-focused recruitment

We’re a 100% mining-focused recruitment and talent consultancy. And we’re based in your region.

We’ve made mining talent consulting and recruitment our life’s work. With nearly two decades of supporting mining operations in over 50 countries, we’ve helped a mixture of junior, mid-tier and large-scale operations source incredible talent.

Our expertise extends from targeted talent search to onboarding support and everything in between.

We started off as an HR consulting firm in Perth, Western Australia, and now we’re one of the world’s premium talent consulting and recruitment companies. We know our specialty and we would be honored to help your mining operation find the people it needs.




Our offices and teams globally

With a head office in Perth, Australia and multilingual teams strategically positioned across the North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, our reach might be global but our focus is local.

We’ve run recruitment and talent consulting projects across 170 countries in the mining space since 2003.

When you partner with us, you leverage our global network of 75,000+ mining contacts and market knowledge. And gain access to talent outside your region’s candidate pool.

Our team of on-the-ground recruiters have more than 20 years of experience sourcing technical and executive talent for mining companies across the North American region and beyond.

We work with companies like

Exceptional candidate experience

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our networks giving us a larger reach than any other recruitment agency. We represent our clients’ brands with exceptional care, and as a result, continue to deliver a world-class NPS score which reflects the recruitment experience that candidates have had with us.

A recent scoring showed 75% of respondents rated us a 9-10 and would highly recommend Globe 24-7 to their friends and colleagues.

Our recent work

Single Search placements

  • Director, Process Metallurgy at Lundin Mining HQ, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Principal Engineer, Metallurgy & Process at Torex Gold Resources (HQ), Ontario, Canada.
  • Site Controller at Nevada Copper, Inc., Nevada, USA.
  • Tribal Liaison at NewRange Copper Nickel, Montana, USA.
  • Environmental Manager at Artemis Gold Inc., British Columbia, Canada.
  • VP Operations at Mineral Refining Company (MRC), Alabama, USA.


Our partnership at Glencore has successfully assisted the Horne Copper Smelter expansion by hiring for diverse, hard-to-fill roles in remote Quebec locations.

Client case studies in North America

We have deep industry knowledge and understanding of the local mining markets in which we operate globally. Through Globe, you will have access to a dedicated team experienced in sourcing any position from technical specialists, to entry-level, right through to C-suite roles.

North American Placements

Here is an overview of the role types we have placed across the region. These range from entry-level through to C-suite roles.

C-Suite and Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer | Chief Financial Officer | Chief Operations Officer | Chief Technology Officer | Vice President | Country Manager | General Manager | Director

Engineering & Technical

Construction | Contract Manager | Engineering | Exploration | Geologist | Technical Mine Planning | Project Management & Control | Tailings | Civil and Earthworks

Production & Maintenance

Automation | Electrification | Maintenance | Planning | Metallurgical | Production & Maintenance | Mobile Maintenance | Operations | Technical Services | Electrical, Control & Instrumentation | Health & Safety | Security | Environment

Admin & Corporate

Accounting | Commercial | Communications | Community Relations | Finance | Administration | Human Resources | Information Technology | Legal | Supply Chain | Sustainability & CSR | Business Administration | ESG Management

Trade Positions

Driller | Driver | Electrician | Mechanic | Boilermaker | Fitter | Warehouse | Parts Controller | Auto Electrician | Welder | Cleaner

Why us? An exceptional candidate experience

Over two decades, we have built strong relationships with our global networks giving us a larger outreach than any other recruitment agency.

We take great pride in representing our clients’ brand with exceptional care and continue to deliver a world class NPS score of 75 (23 points overage average) which reflects the experience that talented candidates have had through their recruitment experience with us.

We take care of it, so you don’t have to

We don’t just look for skills and experience. We take time to understand your business and its people and put in place a highly customised roadmap to ensure we find the best cultural fit so your leaders can make a positive impact. Whether you need temporary contractors, permanent hires, or specialised project teams, we have the flexibility to deliver tailored solutions that align with your objectives.

Our streamlined recruitment process ensures a quick and efficient turnaround, enabling you to fill positions promptly. From initial candidate screening and assessments to interviews and negotiations, we handle every step of the recruitment process with meticulous attention to detail.

Market mapping

We believe that you need to know the market well to run a competitive talent acquisition program. Our team are experienced in mapping the mining market so you have an accurate assessment of industry salary benchmarking. Working with us, you can be confident all our decisions are backed and qualifiable.

What our clients say

It has been a pleasure to partner with Globe 24-7 on recruiting a Vice President Operations for Minerals Refining Company (“MRC”) person and achieving results in a short period. We were introduced to top quality candidates during the process and Agata Sobolewska did a great job calibrating the profile in every interaction we had. I Iook forward to a continued working relationship with Globe 24-7.
Vice-President, Massey, LC. Venture Capital Firm
Minerals Refining Company (MRC)
“I have personally worked with Globe 24-7 since 2019. Globe 24-7 speaks about a partnership and not a contract – their representatives strive to build this partnership by offering excellent candidate profiles, by sharing their knowledge of the mining environment and by providing sound recruitment advice. We look forward to a continued partnership with Globe 24-7 and their RPO team.”
Talent Acquisition Manager
Placed Multiple roles, 7-year RPO
“Globe are always professional, ensure that they are on top of the assignment and understand the African and wider mining recruitment industry. They prioritise communication and give regular updates throughout the process to ensure all parties are informed. I highly value the team for the dedication and support and recommend them for recruitment services, they are among the best in the business!”
HR Manager
Barrick Africa
Placed Multiple roles, 2+ years

Our regional team

Brett MacDonald

Regional Manager, EMEA and North America
London, UK

Brett brings a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and management, with over 20 years working with multinational enterprises across the globe. He has in-depth knowledge of partnering with companies to help them achieve their best outcomes when searching for talent, particularly within resources, logistics, construction and chemical industries. With first-hand experience and success recruiting in Africa, the Middle East, APAC and South America for both local and expatriate talent, Brett and his team can support all mining recruitment areas.

Martha Preston

Delivery Manager, North America
Toronto, Canada

Martha is our Delivery Manager for the North American region and comes with 10+ years of client management experience and internal team management. She has first-hand experience recruiting for multinational clients in the US and Canada in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, paper and pulp, and aerospace and defence.

Martha is passionate about driving successful client relationships with stakeholders and promoting a collaborative approach toward helping them attract and retain exceptional leaders and unique talent.

Agata Sobolewska

Delivery Manager- USA
Chihuahua, Mexico

Agata, our regional Recruitment Delivery Manager, boasts over a decade of global expertise in talent acquisition. Her extensive career spans multiple industries, but since 2016, she has thrived in the intricate world of the Americas’ mining market. With a profound passion for people, boundless enthusiasm, and exceptional networking skills, Agata excels in linking top-tier talent with their ideal employers. She’s fluent in Polish, English, and Spanish, enhancing her ability to bridge connections effectively.

Owen Dias

Senior Recruiter - North America
Calgary, Canada

Owen is a seasoned Senior Recruiter with over a decade of experience specializing in North America. He excels in talent acquisition, relationship-building, and delivering customized recruitment solutions. Owen’s background as a Recruitment Manager in the mining industry uniquely positions him to source top engineering and operations professionals. He’s known for his dedication to understanding client needs and providing outstanding customer service. In his current role, Owen continues to leverage his expertise to identify top talent, contributing to the growth and success of organizations across the region. His commitment to excellence makes him a trusted partner in recruitment.

Jencyn Stapler

Client Relationship Lead - USA
Austin, USA

Jencyn, a Client Relationship Lead, specialises in the Business Development space. Her natural passion for connecting with others and ability to exceed sales quotas has made her a vital member of her team. With a detail-oriented mindset and natural talent for extensive product knowledge, Jencyn is an expert at problem-solving in ever-changing industries.

Yvonne Chang

Client Relationship Lead, US & Canada
Toronto, Canada

With over a decade of B2C and B2B sales experience, Yvonne is a dynamic and results-oriented Client Relationship Lead at Globe 24-7.

Yvonne excels at building and maintaining strong partnerships with clients, offering tailored solutions and closing deals. Yvonne also coordinates with internal teams to ensure prompt delivery and client satisfaction. She has a proven track record of increasing distribution, market penetration, and revenue for their accounts, as well as developing and implementing strategies to retain and grow existing business. Yvonne is a collaborative and influential leader who fosters a community of customers and advocates for long-term business growth.

Jessica Quiroz

Search Consultant
Tijuana, Mexico

Jessica is a Recruiter with seven years of diverse experience spanning building materials, construction, automotive, agricultural, and several other industries across the United States. Collaborating with multinational companies has finely tuned her ability to comprehend the distinctive requirements of various roles and fields.

Her dedication to establishing enduring relationships with candidates and clients is paired with a honest, receptive and transparent connection. Jessica takes immense pride in her knack for identifying top talent and cultivating connections that propel both individual careers and organisational triumphs.

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Are mining jobs in demand in the US and Canada?

Absolutely, from the client side, mining jobs are in high demand in both the US and Canada. A skilled worker shortage in this region is driving a surge in demand for skilled professionals in the mining sector.

From engineers to geologists, the industry seeks diverse talent to meet growing resource demands. Additionally, advancements in technology have created opportunities for niche specialists in areas like data analysis and automation.

Our mining recruitment agency is witnessing a continuous influx of job openings, reflecting the industry’s vitality. As companies expand operations and invest in modernization, the demand for qualified individuals remains strong.

We talk more about how mining companies are dealing with the US talent shortage in this article.

How can a global recruitment agency help mining companies in North America with hard-to-fill roles?

A global mining recruitment agency offers mining companies in North America a strategic advantage in addressing hard-to-fill roles. Leveraging an extensive international network, talent agencies like us have a diverse pool of skilled professionals that are highly relevant to mining companies looking for niche talent.

By navigating cross-border regulations and cultural nuances, we streamline the hiring process, ensuring seamless placements across North America and South America.

What do I need to consider when working with mining recruiters to fill mining roles in North America?

When partnering with mining recruiters to fill roles in North America, consider their industry expertise, understanding of local regulations, and a proven track record in mining recruitment.

Ensure they grasp the unique demands of the sector, from technical skills to safety compliance. Effective communication is key—clearly outline your specific requirements and company culture.

Assess their network and ability to source top talent, especially for specialised positions.

Transparency regarding fees and timelines is important, too. Look for a recruiter with a comprehensive understanding of North American mining jurisdictions, enabling them to navigate regional nuances.

Ultimately, collaboration and alignment on goals will help make your HR program a success.

Is it hard to place jobs in mining?

Placing jobs in the mining industry presents unique challenges, made easier with recruitment expertise.

The sector demands specialised skills, making sourcing qualified candidates competitive. Skill shortages, geographical constraints, and evolving technology amplify recruitment complexity.

Working with a mining recruitment agency allows you to leverage extensive networks and use their niche industry knowledge to match top talent with mining opportunities. Proactive engagement with candidates and clients helps overcome the industry’s inherent difficulties.

Why do miners get paid so much in North America?

Mining jobs in North America attract substantial compensation due to several factors. Firstly, the demanding nature of the profession entails working in challenging environments with potential hazards, warranting competitive salaries to attract skilled and experienced workers.

Additionally, the mining industry plays an important role in the continent’s economic development, contributing significantly to GDP. High demand for minerals and metals, coupled with stringent safety regulations, increases operational costs, justifying higher wages. Skilled miners are in limited supply, driving up the market value for their expertise.

Overall, the combination of inherent risks, economic importance, and a skilled labor shortage contributes to the relatively high salaries in North American mining.

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