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The Global Lithium Industry – A War for Skilled Talent or an Opportunity to Upskill Talent

At the recent Lithium-focussed conference in London held by The Geological Society  on the 9-10 April, much commentary was focussed on the current challenges facing the global Lithium industry. From a HR perspective, Globe’s Business Development Executive Paloma Ortiz-Lopez who attended the conference and has been working with Lithium companies for the past 4 years commented that:

“Beyond Supply Chain issues, there is surely a concern around the skills shortage in Lithium Hard Rock and Brines and especially in what the industry is calling ‘The Lithium Triangle’ (Argentina, Chile and Bolivia) which is reported makes up 54% of the worlds Lithium production”.

Ortiz-Lopez, from her own experience recruiting in this market, and again meeting many Lithium experts at the conference commented that there was a ‘Talent War’ for highly technical & experienced professionals with many employees being asked to sign confidentiality agreements and in some cases, very aggressive non-compete contracts.

Industry experts discussed the need for designing good in-house training programs for existing employees and to look to transfer skills to offer employment from other industries. For Lithium Brines as example, such sectors including Oil & Gas have transferrable skills that can be used and many conference attendees saw this as a great opportunity to bring new people into the industry.

With such a relatively new sector now opening up in mainstream mining, Globe 24-7 has been heavily involved in supporting the global lithium industry from Australia to Argentina and like many other Lithium experts, we view this as a great opportunity to introduce a new talent pool into the mining industry giving it a much-warranted positive injection on a global scale.

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