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Reaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Targets Through Recruitment

Over the last few years, the number of clients asking us for strategic support in reaching their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) targets through recruitment has increased significantly.

AngloGold, Evolution Mining, Newcrest, and OZ Minerals are just a few companies that take their commitment to DEI seriously.

They’re all Work180 Endorsed Employers, which means they’re ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in their recruitment processes, and in their workplace practices.

While these mining companies are committed to raising workplace standards for all women, it’s been shown to lead to better business outcomes, too.

According to a report by McKinsey, Diversity Wins: How inclusion matters, companies with more women at the top outperform those with few or no women in their leadership teams.

In 2021, we earned our WORK180 endorsement. The process for becoming a WORK180 partner is not easy to achieve—only 50% of companies make the cut—and we had to prove our DEI credentials.

Through our endorsement, we have completed recruitment-specific training. This means our delivery teams globally are accredited Gender Equity Sourcers.

So, our employees know that we’re serious about DEI. But equally, our customers know that when we recruit for them, our approaches align with their workplace equity goals.

Rhiannon Compton, People and Culture Manager for Globe 24-7 said, “It’s critical we develop our search consultants so they are equipped and confident in providing strategic advice and support to our clients on their DEI journey. The changes we’ve made to our recruitment processes are already facilitating stronger outcomes and deepening the candidate talent pool for our clients.”

We’re proud to support a range of mining industry companies in reaching their DEI targets, and to be vocal and active advocates of equity in the workplace.

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