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What Mining Companies Need to Know About Recruitment in Peru

“In the last five years here in Peru, what I have seen is that recruitment and selection processes in mining companies are now much more rigorous in terms of competencies, excellence, results orientation, and ease of adaptation to changing environments,” says Katherine Alvarado, Senior Search Consultant with Globe 24-7.

“I believe these are skills that people working within the mining industry must adapt to changing environments and the pace at which the industry is advancing,” explains Katherine, who leads international research and headhunting for the mining industry in Peru and Latin America for Globe.

One of the main challenges the mining industry in Peru must face is achieving a balance between production while taking into account the environment, safety, community relations, and also implementin­­­­g all the changes that come with digital transformation to achieve a balance and level of production that is adequate for the times.

“Given Globe 24-7’s extensive experience working in the mining sector, they know exactly the ideal personnel for each of the positions recruited, not only in Peru but worldwide. They have a large database, and their presence in various countries gives them the option to take advantage of cultural differences and access Peruvian professionals abroad who want to bring back what they have learned overseas,” she says.

We help mining companies who are beginning a new project in Peru, or who have existing assets there but need support with talent acquisition. We’re in your local time zone, in your local language. We get Peru but we also have the regional and global reach to find the people you need in those business-critical roles.

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