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Human Resources & Beehives: Whatu2019s the connection?

2020 was to be a fresh start. A new decade with a renewed optimism in the light of an improving global industry. And for three months, it was. And then there was Covid.

HR practitioners around the world experienced a wave of pressure that never could’ve been predicted at the start of the new year. I have always empathised with our HR friends due to the stress, strain and expectations poured upon them but I never thought it’d be at a level like we’ve all experienced these past few months. To the credit of many, they’ve shone. It has been a great testament to the value that HR brings in times of strain and struggle to be sitting at the forefront of this crisis and stepping up & into the challenge. Well done! 

Some countries are through their darkest period, others remain in its midst. It’s clear though that there is an end and the end brings a chance to breathe, reflect, re-consider and refocus our minds & efforts for the balance of the year. 

Likewise, Globe also went (and is still going) through Covid. It was in this crisis that we sat back and asked the question ‘how do we further support the industry?’ and ‘what more can we do?’. 

It’s then that we started to get excited. 

“What if we could help our HR friends implement a talent identification program that assessed workforce capability which included having career conversations tied to a performance rating system that evaluated potential and mapped to talent grids to build succession plans? What if we could re-model the entire recruitment process so that talent identification, attraction & sourcing was both efficient, measurable and responsive to business needs? What if we could review a company’s entire remuneration structure to deliver a quantitative compensation model based on actual industry benchmarks?” 

Our conversation continued and flowed through each and every facet of the employee lifecycle and we sat back and thought ‘well we’ve seen much, we’ve done much, but we can help much more’. 

It was here that ‘Honeycomb’ was born. 

Much like a beehive that is built on a myriad of integrated honeycombs, nearly all HR processes interrelate and rely on one another for strength to perform at its optimum. Each process needs itself to be strong so it can support the next one, and so on, but when just one of the ‘cells’ is broken or substandard, its strength weakens leading to failure. In an organisational context if this happens, it can leave an employee, a collection of employees or indeed an entire workforce performing below optimum and not achieving the goals the business requires of them. 

‘Honeycomb’ is built around the employee lifecycle. 

As a consulting firm that has supported hundreds of mining companies in multiple jurisdictions for many years, we have noticed that each organisation is ‘same same but different’. An employee’s journey is similar in principle (e.g. they start, they perform, they leave) but their experience can be quite different due to organisational culture, values, behaviours, expectations, commodity, jurisdiction and so on. 

It’s because of these variable factors that some people processes don’t run at their best. 

There may be areas within the Employee Lifecycle that are awesome and run incredibly smooth year in, year out. And then there may be areas that just don’t function as well. For whatever reason, the process doesn’t seem to give the business what it needs and no matter what’s been tried, it underperforms. 

Honeycomb is a suite of Globe’s best-in-class processes, built around the employee lifecycle, that when implemented, transforms traditional HR processes into contemporary, value-driven, and fully integrated people solutions. 

It simply starts with a review. 

Honeycomb kicks off by following our formal assessment methodology. We conduct a full review on all, or parts of, the employee lifecycle to lift the lid on what’s working & what’s not to form a view of each process’s ‘health’. We assign a performance rating based on the Globe Health Index in light of both the company’s needs and expectations, and wider mining industry benchmark practices. The rating establishes a baseline of ‘current state’ that leads to a series of recommendations based on a risk & value profile. Equally in the review, each sub-process receives a Health Index score, detailed findings on the key areas of people, process & system supported by specific recommendations. A full report & briefing closes out this initial phase. 

It’s with this deep insight that together, on approval, we start the next step to re-define, rewrite and re-create each HR process with Globe’s best-in-class Honeycomb solutions from talent acquisition to talent management. 

At Globe, we believe that change for change’s sake is never wise but change for business improvement certainly is and transformation remains high on the agenda for many organisations in 2020. Our belief is that not only should HR be a participant in such programs, but indeed an active leader and we love that Honeycomb provides a platform to lead & drive transformational improvement. We know you will too! 

If you’d like to learn more about our Honeycomb methodology, approach & suite of solutions, please simply drop a line to one of our team – we’d love to talk with you.


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