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How to position yourself for your next General Manager role

Aspiring General Managers sometimes find themselves at a crossroads. Where experience meets ambition, and where the right relationships can transform their careers.
But navigating this path to an executive role in the mining industry isn’t always straightforward.

How can you position yourself as a candidate for your next step to General Manager, Country Manager, or VP?

In this article, Maira Rosso, Globe 24-7’s Regional Manager for Latin America, shares three strategies for managers looking to secure their next leadership role in the region.

She works with resource companies across LATAM, primarily in Executive Search, to help connect companies with the right leaders to run their projects.

1. Reflect on your strengths

Before diving headfirst into looking for a new leadership role, Maira encourages candidates to reflect on their strengths, and how they can add value to a future employer.
In roles that bridge diverse cultural contexts—such as Country Managers—the ability to navigate cultural differences is essential.

“Cultural adaptability is key. For General Manager or Country Manager positions, mining companies want someone who knows the local market, customs and sociopolitical landscape, but also effectively communicates with global leadership, which is often thousands of kilometres away,” Maira explains.

For senior executive positions, soft skills are equally important as technical skills. Candidates should balance their technical qualifications with their ability to engage, motivate, and lead teams effectively.

When Maira speaks with candidates, she recommends they think about their strengths and how they can differentiate themselves from other candidates.

“For prospective employers, they want to understand the motivation of the candidate. Is the candidate changing roles for professional, personal, or family reasons? All this plays into whether a candidate is the right fit for that role,” she said.

2. Engage with the right headhunter

It’s well known that senior positions are seldom advertised. That’s why connecting with a headhunter, or executive recruiter, is crucial.

“Many companies prefer to keep their recruiting confidential. So they use a well-connected headhunter to help them navigate the complex executive recruitment landscape,” Maira explains.

She recommends choosing a headhunter with a strong reputation and deep industry connections that span regionally or globally, depending on where in the world you want to be.

The right headhunter will not only prepare you for interviews but also ensure you’re represented by someone respected and trusted by mining companies.

“This representation is vital in making your candidacy stand out. Rather than a recruiter knocking on the door of hundreds of companies, a well-connected headhunter will already be talking to the right people and what they’re looking for.

“Connecting and aligning yourself with the right person or agency will significantly enhance your position in the market,” she said.

3. Update your profile

First impressions matter. Spend the time to ensure your professional profile is up-to-date and relevant to the role you seek.

“It seems obvious, but you would be surprised how often LinkedIn profiles are out-of-date by years. You don’t want to get filtered out early because you’re not sharing your depth of expertise and leadership skills,” Maira said.

“Update your profile to share the strengths and achievements that make you a good choice for a senior role.

“List out your roles and highlight your leadership skills and how you used them to be successful in that role.”

Reflect, update and engage for success

We’ve shared three simple strategies to set you up for your next executive position in the mining industry.

Partner with a reputable recruiter to navigate the hidden job market.

By showcasing your cultural adaptability, technical and soft skills, and updating your professional profile, you’ve taken the right steps to distinguish yourself as the top candidate for your next leadership role.

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