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How to get the most from external recruiter relationships

If recruitment firms are feeding your business low-quality candidates or leaving you hanging, there might be a good reason for it. And a simple fix.

Start by looking at how your external recruitment partnerships are set up and assessing whether a competitive arrangement or an exclusive partnership will get better results.

According to Nathan de Jong, Delivery Manager, Asia-Pacific at Globe 24-7, 1-to-1 relationships get the best outcomes, and here’s why:

Exclusive vs. competitive

The common belief is that more competition leads to better results.

“The way it plays out with recruitment, is actually the opposite,” says Nathan.

“When you partner with multiple agencies, inevitably your ‘in-depth brief’ doesn’t get disseminated properly. You then have multiple agencies out in the market selling your business in a less ideal light.”

It’s hard to attract talent without this in-depth knowledge, so recruiters then lose interest.

Multiple agencies contact the same candidates about the same job. Then your business starts to look unprofessional and it affects your brand.

In this situation, two issues often don’t get discussed openly:

1. On the recruiter’s side

They don’t spend time on a proper market mapping search and headhunting process to reach passive talent because they can’t justify the time when competing against multiple agencies.

2. On the client’s side

It becomes tedious because they need to manage communication from multiple agencies rather than just one. Plus, they generally receive lower-quality candidates because recruiters can’t justify the time for a comprehensive in-depth search.

“If you want a deep search to uncover the best talent, you really need to partner with your recruiter in a one-to-one relationship,” shares Nathan.

“If I were in their shoes, that would be my approach every time.”

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