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Executive Search

Senior-level executives shape the strategic direction of your company. So, making the right appointment at this level is critical.

For executive search, we leverage our internal high-level connections, existing candidate relationships, and make use of our global talent database.

We work with mining companies all over the world, so we have the range and reach in the market, with a deep understanding of the passive talent available to you.

  • We don’t just look for skills and experience. We take time to understand your business and its people to ensure we find the best culture fit, so the leader can make a positive impact on your business.
  • We provide market insights, salary benchmarking, key hire demographics as well as diversity and inclusion market intelligence. So you can be confident decisions are made in a data driven manner.
  • We leverage our internal high-level connections, candidate relationships, and use our global talent database.
  • We offer collaboration sessions for messaging and branding, so you relax knowing we will represent your brand well in the market.
  • We provide research and industry-standard testing methodologies for all candidates that reach the final selection stage. These include cognitive, personality, integrity and risk, and emotional intelligence psychometric assessments. We can also provide a bespoke competency mapping for the role with any required assessments.

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