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The Outsourcing Question: How Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps our clients

Outsourcing some specialist functions to external partners makes good business sense, and recruitment is one of the areas in which it can make the most sense of all. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) expanded as a business strategy in the last major recession, giving corporations the flexibility they needed to navigate challenging economic waters. Today, it remains a core part of our business, and I invite you to consider the ways RPO could benefit yours.

In the simplest terms, RPO is the outsourcing of all or part of your company’s recruitment operations.

We have the capacity and the flexibility to work with our clients where they need us most: for some, we manage the entire process, allowing internal Human Resources professionals to focus on other aspects of their work; for others, we work alongside internal recruitment staff, augmenting and supporting their efforts. For some clients, we’re embedded in their ‘business as usual’ recruitment operations; other clients choose to work with us on specific projects, giving them the agility they need to scale quickly. In all cases, the end result for our clients is more effective talent acquisition in challenging markets, greater focus for internal HR staff, and significant cost savings.

Talent is what drives us; it’s our passion. Our clients partner with us because we are global talent specialists in the mining and energy sectors. Most internal HR teams work reactively, responding to demands as they arise. As a result, their ability to scale is limited, and their candidate selection is generally restricted to those they can reach within the recruitment timeframe. In contrast, we bring to our clients a proactive market position: we are always in the market, mapping and deepening talent pools, nurturing relationships with the highly-skilled and specialized people our clients need, all the while engaging that talent with their employer brand in their target markets. When your business depends on attracting the best in a competitive market, recruiting on demand is simply too late. We’re in touch with the talent you need, even before you know you need them.

Beyond agile, on-demand access to a higher calibre talent pool, our clients also realize significant cost savings with RPO. Time and money are two precious commodities for every business, and the recruitment process is time-consuming – and therefore costly – by definition. Reviewing innumerable applications, identifying as quickly and efficiently as possible the needles in the proverbial haystack; scheduling and conducting screening calls to rule unsuitable applicants out, to focus on the qualified candidates who should move forward; coordinating interviews across multiple locations; negotiating offers; the list goes on. RPO allows us to take that off our clients’ plates. Their internal staff time is spent only on the highest-impact parts of the recruitment process, allowing them to be more effective in the other aspects of HR management. Furthermore, while cost estimates for a bad hire vary, there’s general consensus that it’s at least 30% of the employee’s salary. We have a proven ability to effectively manage the recruitment process from start to finish, minimizing the financial, operational, and reputational risks of making a bad hire, all the while maintaining compliance in an ever-changing regulatory climate. The cost savings our clients realize is reason enough in most cases to make the RPO decision an easy one.

In short, our specialisation in mining talent gives our clients access to the best selection of candidates, saving them time and money, and allowing them to focus on what they do best. Best of all, our services can be custom fit to what your business requires right now, and adapt to your changing needs over time. If you’re considering RPO, get in touch. I’d be happy to speak with you and help make the decision clearer and easier.

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