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Recruiting: Interview with Maya Cabello, HR Operations & Services Recruitment Specialist at Torex Gold – “Mining in Mexico is still developing.”

Mexico has a long mining history. According to the INEGI report, in 2018 Mexico produced 194.5 million ounces of silver (and remains world’s top silver producer for nine consecutive years), 3.8 million ounces of gold, 751.000 tons of copper, almost 691.000 tons of zinc and 240.304 tons of lead. Investment in Mexico’s mining sector ranks fifth in the world. No wonder Mexico is one of Globe’s focus and an interesting case study for companies seeking opportunities within the Americas. 

Maya Cabello, HR Operations & Services Recruitment Specialist for Torex Gold, shared her views on recruiting in mining industry in Mexico. 


1 – Agata Sobolewska: Is Mexico a challenging place to recruit? What are the main challenges? 

Maya Cabello: I think that in a way, mining in Mexico is still developing. Compared to Peru or Chile, I would put it in a tier-2 position. Even though we have had mines for the longest time – Mayans and Aztecs were mining gold and silver already – in terms of availability of education and mining methods, it is still challenging. 

So, if you are searching for high-level professionals, it is harder to find talent with enough experience and seniority. In other countries – Peru, Chile, Argentina there are many candidates with a career of 20-30 years and in Mexico, it may take longer to find that person.


2 – Agata Sobolewska: Globe 24-7 and Torex Gold have cooperated in the past, what did you like the most about Globe’s service? 

Maya Cabello: One of the most important things I search for is the final output – I require very complete pre-screen notes, so after reading these I feel like I understand the profile well and I am able to talk to the Hiring Managers and answer all their doubts and questions. I need to trust my agencies and utilize their work as if it were my own. The final product of Globe was excellent – not just a resume and a few bullet points, but a high-level executive summary with a deep analysis of each candidate. It was very helpful and allowed me to present each candidate to the Hiring Managers well and with confidence.


3 – Agata Sobolewska: Why have you decided to hire an external agency this time? 

Maya Cabello: This position – Security Manager – may not sound like a hard-to-fill one, but it had many ‘what ifs’ – and we needed to make sure we were covering all potential outcomes. In Mexico, it is highly important to have good references and deep experience – it is a sensitive job, especially if we consider the area and the need to understand that security is key to our operations. My workload was so high – I knew I was not going to pay all attention required for that role and that is why I decided to work with Globe.


4 – Agata Sobolewska: Did you have to freeze recruitment during the COVID pandemic? If not – do you find it more challenging or maybe easier to recruit during these times? 

Maya Cabello: No, we were and still are searching for potential employees, but indeed, I am facing some new challenges now. Before the COVID, around 50% of all applicants for our job postings were not qualified and it was a tendency – candidates were sending resumes even if their profile did not fit the job’s requirements. Right now, the rate jumped to 80-85%, so from 60 profiles I review, only a few meet the initial requirements – this is very time-consuming. I also think the future will bring some new challenges – with the increased layoffs we will pay more attention to reference checks for example.


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