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In The Spotlight: An insight into Globe 24-7’s experience

1 – What is your role at Globe 24-7? 


Paloma Ortiz: I am the Regional Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. 


2 – How did you first learn about Globe 24-7? 


Paloma Ortiz: I worked for several recruitment firms in the mining industry before Globe. A few of my prospects in the industry were telling me they were working with a company called Globe 24-7, that was providing them with many different solutions apart from recruitment the rest of the competitors were offering. After hearing that story on several occasions, I thought that this was the company I wanted to join; a company that was a specialist and a true partner that takes care of the challenges its clients are facing in the HR area. 


3 – How has Globe 24-7 helped you in your career development? 


Paloma Ortiz: My experience in the mining industry was on the recruitment side of the business, therefore I had a solid understanding of that part of the business. By joining Globe, I have gained knowledge and understanding of the many other aspects covered by what is called ‘HR’. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in very challenging but rewarding projects at a professional and personal level. At Globe we also insist on having face to face with our partners, on understanding their environment, on visiting sites. That approach has given me the chance to travel around the world, to visit some of the mining sites that we support. Almost everyone at Globe has visited a mine site in the past – some of us are or have been working on site – and that is something not many other companies do. 

Globe is a very multicultural company, we are truly global, with exposure to people with different background and experience, working in many different countries and that speak different languages. This diversity and inclusion has had a great impact on my career and personal development. 


4 – What drew you to Globe 24-7 originally? And how has Globe 24-7 changed since? 


Paloma Ortiz: Globe 24-7 is a leading company when it comes to HR in the mining industry. I wanted to be part of that, and I believe working together, proposing integrated solutions, we have a very positive impact on the organisations we collaborate with. 


5 – If you could pick one theme for Globe 24-7 to turn into a book about the company, what would it be? 


Paloma Ortiz: Adventures. At Globe, we are thrilled when we start a new journey, embark on new projects that represent a challenge. We are then thrilled when deliver results and impact positively the organisation we support. The more challenging the project, the bigger the reward!


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