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Globe 24’s actions to help clients and employees affected by COVID-19

As a global company, like everyone else, we are trying to navigate through these rapidly changing times. We are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and heeding advice from our local governments, as well as health officials within our network. In addition to those who are affected by the illness within our communities, we are all coming to terms with the daily changes to our work, our schools, and our community environments. Uppermost in our minds is our desire to keep all our employees safe, and to do everything we can to continue to support our clients through these difficult times. 


Caring for Our Employees

1.Working from Home

All our office-based employees around the world were sent home to work on the week commencing 16th March 2020. We have ensured that all our staff are well equipped to work from home, and we have regular contact with each of our employees to ensure they have everything they need to effectively service our clients. We have established a role of a Well-being Officer who is in daily contact with our employees making sure they’re safe, coping with their circumstances and able to discuss any issues and concerns they are trying to cope with.  

We encourage that all our employees are exercising measures of social distancing and quarantine, in line with the WHO guidance, which is to stay away from gatherings, shops, public transportation and so on. #flattenthecurve


All our business travel is suspended. Any of our employees that were traveling and returning home from any trip is in a process of quarantine for a period of 14 days. We are working with our clients to set up the workshops and meetings that were scheduled to be done through virtual mediums. We appreciate the efforts of our clients working with us to ensure that we continue to deliver and assist them to evolve and change in line with their business objectives and priorities. 

3.RPO’s employees

All of our site based RPO employees have returned home to their families, and we are working with our clients in locally to ensure rotations so that we have our employees on the ground working with the hiring managers to keep the critical recruitment processes moving. 


Empowering Our Clients

1.Client Reach-Outs

Globe 24-7 is collaborating with public health organizations, government agencies, and businesses around the globe to support their efforts resulting from the ripple effect of COVID-19. We have been calling into each of our clients to ensure we understand their situation, their policies and approach so we are aligning our practices to deliver and continue to progress through their recruitment and project activities. We believe our role in serving clients and the community during this time is a critical one. 

2.HR Roundtables – Coping with COVID-19

During the past week we have been hosting a series of online forums for HR leaders within our client base and network to get together to discuss what they are doing, the policies they are implementing and what the impact is having on their business. This forum has helped create a shared view of experiences and approaches, particularly given each geography is in a different stage of the outbreak with differing government approaches. This week our HR Roundtables will focus on specific HR topics with guest presenters on Online Training tips & tricks and a Registered Psychologist offering support & guidance on coping with employee concerns. If you’d like to join one of these sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or Lachlan Spicer.

A huge thank you to all our staff for the upbeat and determined manner they have approached the changes and continued to get things done. I’m inspired by the innovative ideas and suggestions coming through. 


If you’d like to discuss any of what I have written or would like more information about our approach, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alastair Fisher
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


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