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Supporting the development of Colombia’s mining industry

Company profile

Bureau Veritas is a global company that offers testing, inspection and certification to ensure client products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Established in 1828, at the end of 2012, Bureau Veritas had more than 59,000 employees in more than 1,300 locations in 140 countries covering all kinds of industries, including mining, oil & gas and energy sectors.


Assignment background & Scope

Colombian Mine Geologist and engineer recruitment program

Bureau Veritas was successful in their bid for the project to audit more than half of the 9700 mining properties throughout Colombia during the following 2 years.

To successfully deliver the project on schedule, Bureau Veritas had to hire a total of 328 professionals, of which 180 were engineers and geologists with mining backgrounds. By June 2013, Bureau Veritas required 75 Geologists and Mining Engineers to complete this particular project.

Bureau Veritas then partnered with Globe 24-7 and requested assistance in recruiting 15 mining professionals of the 75 open positions they had at that time. From our office in Bogotá with the support of our office in Toronto, in less than two and a half months Globe 24-7 successfully exceeded the 15 professionals Bureau Veritas initially requested by placing 30 candidates.

The team encountered several challenges during the searches including:

  • Location of the mining properties
  • Relocation & accommodations
  • Documentation requirements from various entities
  • Verification of documentation by an external auditor


Our solution

In-country RPO team managing recruitment program

The Globe 24-7 group worked very closely with the Bureau Veritas recruitment team to search viable candidates meeting all necessary requirements. Our marketing campaign used traditional and non-traditional sourcing methods, such as: online and press advertising campaigns, trades and mining representation, Globe 24-7’s vast networking resources and visits to local towns.

Globe 24-7 designed and implemented a structured behavioral and competency based interview process to ensure candidates presented met the Bureau Veritas requirements.

Our program included weekly reports to Bureau Veritas, providing transparency and ensuring the process was aligned to project requirements. We also completed a Housing Market Study as an added value to our services for Bureau Veritas. This helped our candidates facilitate the search for housing and assisted Bureau Veritas by having one less task to focus on. The biggest impact of this added value outcome was the smooth transition candidates were able to undergo, which later resulted in better talent retention.

Midway through the project as well as at the end, we presented a detailed analysis outlining the pulse in their immediate candidate marketplace. In our interview process, we included questions that would later serve as a survey to help evaluate how Bureau Veritas is viewed by potential candidates.

Our reports also included metrics to evaluate our performance indicators for internal use, as well as for our clients. Some of the most relevant metrics included:

  • Candidates approached by Globe
  • Candidates declined by Globe
  • Candidates outside of the salary range
  • Candidates presented by Globe
  • Offers presented and offers approved

The importance of these reports lays in the capability to highlight the development of our client’s brand and also to evaluate the cost per hire, time of hiring, lessons learned, to name but a few.


The Results

Exceeding the expectations of Bureau Veritas

In addition to the recruitment team successfully exceeding the target of 15 positions by filling 30, the following achievements were met:

  • Globe 24-7 contacted more than 900 candidates and more than 600 candidates were pre-selected and contacted for initial conversation
  • 94% of screened candidates that were presented to Bureau Veritas were approved to proceed to auditing
  • 85% of audited candidates were approved by the third party in charge of CV compliance verification, and presented with employment offers



A few words from Bureau Veritas’ HR Manager

We have been working directly with Globe 24-7 as a Recruitment Services Provider specialising in Mining and Oil & Gas. During the time we have worked with them we certify that the service offered has exceeded our expectations, based always on their professionalism and dedication. That is why we will count on them for future Recruitment Processes that need to be outsourced.

Juan Fernando Lezaca | HR Manager, Bureau Veritas


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